How to make your garments look more expensive

Hey Lovelies ❤

When it comes to creating your own fashion, most of us want to make garments that look presentable and expansive. Countless hours I spent daydreaming about hand-made wardrobe that look like it came from Chanel, Dior, Balenciaga…

And although that can seem pretty far reach for most of the newbie seamstresses, there are few ways that will instantly make your garments look higher quality.

After all, everyone had to start from scratch- even haute couture dressmakers.


The easiest way to improve the look of  your garments is to choose high quality fabric made from natural fibers, such as: silk, linen, cashmere, cotton, wool etc. Not just that is good for your style- it’s also better for the environment. The only thing that can suffer is your wallet, but lately I’ve been a big advocate for quality-over-quantity mindset- and I suggest for you to be the same. Instead of mindlessly browsing the fabric stores  and searching for the deals, set aside your monthly fabric allowance- and chose your fabric up-front.


The part of the reason why couture pieces are so expensive is because of the hours put in making them. So pay attention on details, right position of buttons, crisp cuffs, sharp hems, top stitches… Take your time with them, examine, improve. Which brings me to the next one:


Mistakes are normal part of… well, everything, but what you do with them actually counts. “Letting it go” and hoping that no one will notice will not make you garments look more expensive. What will- is going back and correcting them as much as possible. I used to be a lazy seamstress, never going back and fixing anything. That resulted in closet full of clothes and nothing to wear, so frustrating…

4. FIT

Last but definitely not the least. The fit of the garment is so important. You can make (or buy for that matter) the most expansive pants- but if you can’t sit in them or you constantly need to pull them up or do anything… Well, you get it. Of course, there are ways to cover these things but that’s not the theme of this post. The best way is find your fit. You can do it by creating slopers with your measurements and with them correcting the patterns you purchase. Orrr make your own patterns. Of course that’s a craft on it’s own and it takes tame to master but that’s what will bring your creations on completely different lavel.

That’s it my dear lovelies! I really hope this helps you, and if you have any other ideas please let me know in the comments below ❤

See you soon! xoxo

Marija ❤


5 self-care essentials every woman deserves to have

Hey Lovelies ❤

Today was a gloomy day, cold and windy. It made me think about self-care, coziness and happiness in general. What would make a women happy on a day like this?

And I came with few luxurious ideas I’m planning to implement in my self-care routine.

1. Silk pajamas

Smooth, soft and beautiful. A pair of silk pajamas can make you feel like a royalty. Imagine: cozy nights followed by great sleep and in the morning… Croissant and du café and you are still in your silky mood.

To create: Since I consider myself a seamstress I would always rather make it than buy it (not to mention all the dollars you can save that way). I found this pattern by Vikisews and this by Butterick to be the best for that classic style. As far as the silk goes, this silk charmeuse from Mood has been on my wishlist for a while. Also this one from Fabric Wholesale Direct looks amazing too.

To buy: It can be pricey, but think about this as a long term investment. I found this one from Lilysilk to look nice, and also this one from Momesilk.

2. Scented candle

By now we all know that the best (and the cheapest) way to enhance any possible situation is by lightning up a candle. The more- the merrier! I never entered the room and thought: My Gosh there is too many candles! It’s not possible. But realistically- one is enough. Lightning up when dinning, taking a bath, or just hanging out gives you that feeling of comfort and calm.

To make or to buy it depends on your preference. Personally I buy them just because my hobbies reached the limits of reason. I like something like this or this for these cold days upon us. But if you want to make them there is a bunch of videos on You Tube that will help you with that, like this one.

3. Fluffy robe

I kid you not when I say that the whole last winter I lived in my fluffy robe. I would constantly fall asleep in it, I used it so much that it’s falling apart! This winter I decided to make my own and I have my eye on this pattern by Buttercik and this bamboo fabric from Minerva Crafts. If you prefer to buy it, I found this one by Pottery Barn to look the fluffiest.

4. Interesting tea blends

When you say self-care, what first crosses your mind? Tea. Ok, maybe something else. But think again. Now for sure it’s tea. Having different leaves for different moods is so beautiful and so calming. Learning about them and than experimenting with flavors could be your new favorite thing. It goes perfect with watching a movie, meditating or doing any other self-care ritual. The best choice would be to visit your local health/tea store. I got this Pink Champagne and Peach Bellini from Nobili Tea and they are fantastic!

5. Chunky knitted blanket

Never slept on a cloud- but I can imagine that having a chunky knitted blanket is the closest to that. I started making it last winter, but after purchasing my 5th yarn and still not being a half way- I put it on hold. I think I can slowly move forward with it and start getting them again. If you want to buy it- I found this and this to look the coziest without breaking the bank completely.

That’s it my lovelies, I hope this list inspires you to treat yourself this winter. Share with me some of your self-care rituals in the comments bellow ❤

See you soon! xoxo

Marija 🤍

Lunch with Mei (Vikisews Мэи)

Hey lovelies❤

Guess who went for a lunch yesterday and had a big bite of purple cake? Meiii! No seriously, I hope it doesn’t stain.

Top Mei by Vikisews is one of those great patterns that you can finish in one hour, very versatile and super easy to make- it has only 8 rows of stitches and yes I counted.

But the best thing is since you only need one yard of it (and the pattern costs less than two bucks)-you can spend little more money for higher quality fabric and make it last forever.
Here I used this ribbed knit from Joanns, but I have plenty in my stash lined up for the future projects.

I truly recommend this pattern to everyone, you can make it as long or as short as you want to. Heck! You can even make a dress out of it leave a side slit open, put a belt on your waist, hat on your head and voila! Fashon success!

I hope you have a nice day!

See you soon! xoxo

Marija ❤

Leatherish Dress Vikisews Nani (Нани)

Hey friends 🖤

Today I’m bringing you Vikisews Nani dress for a review… And let’s be real, a show-off. But first, this was my Pinterest inspiration board for making it:

Vikisews brought us another pattern worth millions, because that’s how I feel in this dress. It’s glamorous, it’s sexy and it screams “drama”. Sewing was very simple but not easy- after a serious mental debate I decided to hand-sew sleeve band, hem and the whole facing, which took approximately 3 weeks to finish… Juuust kidding- 4 hours, but still…

Fabric is PU coated double stretch jersey by Minerva Crafts (PU stands for polyurethane- vegan leather). Fabulous fabric with moderate stretch and all great features of jersey and pleather in one. Sewing was bit slippery (the PU is pretty smooth), so when sewing right sides facing- it was a battle. I won, of course.

I used teflon foot on my machine made for leather and suede- this one from Ebay.

I decided to not accessorize it at all (except my rings- but that doesn’t really count), since it’s so voluminous with many details. There is only so much that my 5’4 can carry gracefully.

Would I recommend it? Y.E.S. and yes! Not just that, I am going to make a video on how to do it (in case that you find Russian intimidating) and because I need to have one more of it in cotton- for more casual look!

Ahhhh I can’t wait!

See you soon! Xoxo

Marija 🖤

A blazer come true… ( Vikisews Hоэль)

Hey friends ❤

Before we start, let’s say goodbye to my very first try of this pattern… Although proudly announced on my Instagram account, sadly didn’t make it to the finish hem. Au revoir.

I made so many mistakes on that one- it was ridiculous. And don’t take me wrong, for the first few I was ready to turn a blind eye. But the last one was unignorable. So I decided to drag my defeated wallet to Hobby Lobby for a final stroke, get some new fabric and start again. I got two and a half yards of this beautiful cotton twill and two yards of this shinny poly satin for the lining. The buttons are from Walmart, of the subject- but did you see their new selection of sewing machines? Mmmmm nice.

The pattern that I used is Vikisews Noel (Ноэль). Stunning model: semi-fitted silhouette, single-breasted with welt pockets and double seam sleeves. There was only one problem: (aside of my Russian being nonexistent) I never made blazer before. Which means that the sewing process was long and painful- I had to do research on almost every part of it, awfully many How-To’s at my You Tube history… Nevertheless, I’m planning to make it again next month and definitely take pictures along the way, so stay tuned for that one if you would like to try it too ❤

The dress is also made by me, my Full Moon dress- you can check the full post about it here.

I’m very very happy with how it turned out. It’s minimalistic, it’s versatile and it makes me feel more put together. Also, this is project no 1 from my 10-timeless-pieces-every-woman-should-own-list that I made last month. Ahhh I already feel accomplished!

Have a lovely day friends and see you soon! xoxo

Marija ❤

DIY Tailors Ham

Hi friends ❤

Yesterday, I drove over a hundred miles in order to find one tailors ham. That means: two Jo-Ann, three Hobby Lobby and five Walmart stores… And guess what? Nooo tailors ham!

Eventually I had to face the fact that I will have to make it myself. Because when you get the “bug” to have something- you gotta get it now or you know… The earth just might open and swallow you.

And the fun fact: it was easier (and more fun) than I thought it would be! This is how you can make it too:

Draw your ham on a piece of paper, you can free-hand it or measure it. Mine is approx. 7″(18cm) wide and 9″(22cm) long.

Transfer your pattern on two pieces of fabric and add your seam allowance if you haven’t already. And make sure that the fabric you choose is from natural fiber- so it can resist the high heat (cotton/woven). I chose cotton twill in black & white, keeping it minimal.

Sew it but leave a little opening so you can stuff it. Also, it’s not a bad idea to double stitch it since we’re going to fill it up pretty tight.

And now… The stuffing. I prepared one old T-shirt and a yard of muslin… I ended up using all the muslin I had (only God knows how many yards was there) and like a maniac going through my stash grabbing anything that looked like cotton. So, I guess my point is- be ready.

When you finish stuffing it, close the little gap by hand stitching it and voila! You have your tailors ham ❤

I hope you like it and that it helped you! See you soon! xoxo

Marija ❤


Hey friends ❤

So you want to try sewing? Yes, there are lot of tools out there that you could get, and if you continue sewing- you probably will. But for the beginning let’s stick to the basic that you will need all the time:

1. Seam ripper

This little tool will be your salvation and your misery. When you make a mistake, just push the pointy part into you seam and start ripping them. Be careful to not make a hole in fabric because they are sharper than you think.

2. Scissors

What many people don’t realize is that same scissors shouldn’t be used for paper, fabric and thread- it makes them blunt. Get yourself one small scissors for thread, one for paper and one for fabric. Nice addition (that I prefer) is roller cutter, it gives you smooth cut, especially around armholes, necklines and other circular parts.

3. Gauge ruler

This is essentially small ruler that is made to help you measuring seams, buttonholes, pleats… It has a little stopper that gives you perfect control when measuring small areas.

4. Chalk

Ever since I started using chalk pen (instead of regular chalk triangle or a circle) my life’s been easier. So I suggest to you spend this few dollars extra and skip all the breaking and irritation. They even come with a little sharpener it can always give you precise lines.

5. Lots and lots of pins

Personally, I use silk pins most of the time. They are thinner than the regular ones, but I guess it’s good to have both. The fabric will “tell you” which one to use.

I hope this helps, have fun sewing ❤ xoxo


FULL MOON DRESS (Vikisews Gloria)

Hey friends ❤

Few days ago I finished my beautiful Gloria dress by Vikisews Patterns, and today after several hours of trying to fix the end of the zipper (that for some reason started sticking out after a wash)- I finally gave up before completely destroying the fabric, and took Gloria for a well-deserved almond milk latte. My boyfriend came too 😉 And you know what? Although not perfect- it’s my favorite dress (well so far).

This gorgeous fabric is viscose challis from Minerva Crafts (this one). I was intentionally searching for colors that would remind me of the moonlight, since that was my inspiration for this project. Something dark, light and definitely feminine. If the full moon was a dress, it would be this one- can you see it?

The sewing was a bit challenging, mostly because the shirring technique was new to me. But after (more than) few trials and errors I finally figured it out and made it right. So except the zipper situation- I truly love how it turned out and I’m feeling beautiful in it! I totally recommend it!

P.S. If you are worried about instructions being in Russian- don’t be, there is sew along video on You Tube in English, click here to see it.

Have fun making it ❤ xoxo


10 Timeless Pieces Every Woman Should Own

Hey friends ❤

Here are 10 pieces that are (in my opinion) timeless and you can never go wrong in making or buying them. And the greatest thing is probably the fact that you can mix and match everything. You could own only these things (with some addition to the footwear) and always look well put! Under, you will find resources and pattern suggestions .

Pattern suggestions:

1. Trench (Burberry $1990), pattern: Martha by Fibre Mood or Tessa by Vikisews.

2. Jeans (Levi’s $98), pattern: Ginger by Closet Core Patterns (Former Closet Case Patterns)

3. White T-shirt (J.Crew $30), pattern: Jenny by Vikisews, stay tuned for my next weeks post: How to make classic T-shirt.

4. Blazer (Burberry $2000), pattern: by Vikisews or Mckenzie by Style Arc

5. Watch (Waldor&Co $160)

6. Stilettos (Aldo $90)

7. Pencil skirt (Theory $255), pattern: Ultimate Pencil Skirt by Sew Over It.

8. Shirt (Topman $70), pattern: Eva by Vikisews or K3555 by Kwik Sew.

9. Wrap dress (Bebe $80), pattern: Giselle by Style Arc.

10. Tote bag (Nine West $89))

Thank you for stopping by ❤ xoxo


So What Exactly Is Slow Fashion?

You probably seen this words everywhere lately, especially if you have Instagram account. Or perhaps you noticed it’s rebellious version #fuckfastfashion. So, what exactly does it mean?

Let’s begin by explaining what is fast fashion first. It refers to cheap clothes made quickly after new trends are released by big companies. The clothes that come and go fast. It’s usually the type that you wash once and throw it away. Also, since is made by the seasonal trends it means that it loses it’s value as soon as the season is over. Pollution, poor working conditions, consumerism and decline in custom-made craftsmanship is just few of the negative aspects of fast fashion.

But let’s focus on the positive, it’s opposition- slow fashion. It means clothes ethnically produced and made to last, to be worn again and again, you know- timeless. There is a reason why trench coat has been around for over 150 years (and still rockin’).

This doesn’t mean not to touch polyester ever again (although if that’s what you wish-great!). It simply means to be mindful of what you make or buy, asking yourself questions like: Am I’m going to wear this? Where I’m going to wear this? Can I see myself wearing it in years to come? Is it versatile enough? Can I pair it with more than one thing?  This may seem like a lot of questions to ask yourself before every purchase (especially if you are already standing in a line to pay). But when you do it few times, it’ll become a second nature to you. And you will be able to summarize all these questions into only one: Do I really want this?

So, you see friends? Slow fashion does not mean boring, or any kind of style in particular- just mindful. Quality over quantity.

Click here to see what are 10 timeless pieces always worth having.

See you soon ❤ xoxo


Debora Just Got Longer (Vikisews Дебора)

Hey friends ❤

Last week I made the loveliest blouse in newspaper print, Vikisews pattern Дебора (click here to see the full post). And since I already had the pattern out, I decided to make a dress out of it. You know, while I’m there. The fabric I used is cotton lace from Hobby Lobby(their site is under construction at the moment so I couldn’t find it). It’s not too transparent- you could totally wear it without bra under and no one would know 😉

I like how it turned out, it looks cute and it’s perfect for Vegas heat. But I think I’ll wear it like this few more times, while it’s summer and than shorten it into top. I feel like it’s going to look awesome with some high-waisted boyfriend jeans. Same shoes though… and the purse. Stay tuned to see how that turns out.

Have a beautiful Wednesday ❤ Xoxo


I’ve Been Thinking About Fall

No, it’s not even near (the fall) at least not in the air- Vegas holds over 110 degrees E.V.E.R.Y. day since the summer began. But the date on my calendar shows that we have less than a month till the pumpkin spice madness starts. Which means that my sewing plans are changing.

These are some ideas I’ve been thinking about, photos I found on the web that would describe them the best and matching patterns.

First blouse is by L’Agence ($350), this pattern by McCall’s match it perfectly!

Midi black dress is by Twenty Montreal ($175), this pattern by Vikisews is great option (just shorten the sleeves).

White high-neck top is from Uniqlo ($15), this pattern by Vikisews is identical. Just make it longer.

The shoes are Aldo. I would love to buy them since they would go fabulous with everything here!

The glossy skirt is from Rag & Bone ($595), I found this pattern from StyleArc to be the closest. But honestly, I think I’ll just draft my own pattern.

Trench coat is Burberry ($1990), the perfect match is this Vikisews pattern. Omg I can’t wait to make it!

Two piece ribbed knit in pink, I found it on Pinterest and I found similar option for the top here (view A for the bodice and view B for the sleeves) and for the skirt- I’ll just use my 30-minute skirt tutorial.

Pale pink silk skirt is Cami NYC ($265), and this Vikisews pattern is excellent option.

The watch is Waldor&Co. I’m pretty much obsessed with it, planning to treat myself one of these days.

Suit photos are from Pinterest, I found similar patterns by Mimi G here and here (view C the pants).

And last (but certainly not the least) mules are from Just Fab. I just ordered them for 10 bucks and couldn’t be more happy about it!

That’s it my friends, I hope these options inspire you to create your own high style. Because you don’t have to spend a bunch of money to look expensive… You just have to own a sewing machine 😉❤

Have a lovely week, xoxo